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When people ask me what to write in a blog (yes, this has happened), I take it as the equivalent to people asking me what to write in their journals. If you’re asking a near stranger what or how you ‘should’ write for your blog, this article’s for you.

1. It’s YOURS, so YOU choose the theme.

Seriously. It can be a whole lot of “I hate the world” posts, political bashing, or simply recipes you tried out. Preferably with pictures, but then again, it’s your blog – YOU decide. I can’t figure out why it’s so difficult for some people to understand the concept that their blog can be anything they want it to be (given that they stick to their idea and keep blogging regularly, but we’ll get to that later). The whole point of a blog is to give YOU the power to express YOUR thoughts, opinions, experiences, etc.

2. You’re doing it partly for the world to see, so be coherent.

This time I won’t emphasize on spellings or grammar, because as I mentioned before (and will continue to do so), it’s your blog, your language. However, since you’re writing in a blog for people to see online and not in a personal journal, it’s moderately safe to assume you want it to be read – by someone other than you. So consider being at least a little coherent, if you aren’t already.

3. Be regular.

Following up on the last point, since you’re doing it partly for yourself and partly for the world to see, try to be regular. Your quality of writing and perceptions will (hopefully) mature a lot more than before (even if you’re already a badass writer) with all the practice, and if your content is appealing, your readers will have a reason to keep coming back.

4. Templates, layouts and the whole shebang.


The look and feel of your blog matters. NOT to the point where you should forget about the content and freak out over the RGB colour combinations, but to a point where the ambiance generally matches the tone of your blog. It’s very simple these days, in any blog hosting site. A lot of them come with existing templates and layouts – I would suggest you start with those and get a good grip on the very basics of running a blog before going to the advanced techniques.

I think I’ve covered the very basics of blogging, so I’ll leave it at that. If you’re still not sure how to blog, just go through this website – it’s a fine example of a blog run by experienced bloggers. 😉

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