The Power of Appreciation

Zeba Mimuna Miskat

Appreciation can be a magnificent key to reduce enmity or hatred in our life. Taking appreciation in a broad picture and applying in everyday life could make our life easier and better. In addition, it might also benefit others towards improvement and eliminate disappointment from life.

Appreciation is to acknowledge what you have.

It is to accept and satisfied with whatever you have and grateful for it. However, this is not constraint here as it can be expanded like appreciating one another in life for their work, efforts or achievements by any means; saying few appreciating words, showing gratitude or showing acceptance, etc.

I realized the power of appreciation after receiving few positive results which is useful and applicable in our life with others. From toddler to older it really works for all. Here are how our little bit of efforts could bring a drastic change in life.

First, let me interpret the adolescent.

They do not want to be treated lightly or undervalued.

They are immature and do certain things out of impulse. Instead of criticizing them we should come forward and appreciate their efforts and entrust them with responsibilities. This can enhance their self-confidence and help to accept their life.

Encouraging one another can be done through appreciation and it will not only help to establish great leaders but also help to erase pessimists from young minds.

Lack of acknowledgment can undermine the youth who have hidden qualities to change the society. If we say, “You can quit this habit!” or, “You have the ability to do better,” that belief can create confidence and enforce the youth to perform well.

Moreover, you can be a contributor in someone’s life if you appreciate by acknowledging or showering fruitful words that can enhance their ability and help them to grow up confidently. This is mostly applicable for children who conventionally need appreciation to do things. They can even think creatively if you allow or accept their ideas. For instance, make them feel important creature that can do something great.

Second, let’s discuss bringing appreciation in relationships.

Simply acknowledging your spouse, parents or even relative can increase their respect towards you. They may feel good and leave complains forever. Sometimes our loved ones crave nothing but a bit of care and love that can be shown by our attitude and kind words. Just say “you have done a lot for me; I can’t thank you enough or you are great dear”. These should not only be for a day, rather frequently. You would be surprised by their reactions and no longer feel dissatisfaction. In addition, if your family receives such peaceful words their perspective might change and do things from the heart that will definitely strengthen your relationship.

Few words of acknowledgment can change and make one’s day; it also works as motivation, you can also influence someone in a better way to get your work done. “You’re doing a great job!” can be an excellent form of appreciation to your employees. This will not only help in your work but also support to retain good relations.

Sometimes we become misers when it’s time to appreciate one another; this is where the society is lacking. It is good to be a part of others’ happiness. It is wise to have a good opinion of everyone, as no one is perfect. So stop developing grudges and clean your heart with forgiveness; only then it will be easier to appreciate others success. For instance, try saying to your colleague, “You did good!” Observe their enthusiasm and the positive attitude that’s directed towards you. Additionally, peers can do their best if they receive compliments that little of the dose will create positivity within their life.

However, there should be a limit.

Craving appreciation can be a form of expectation which can lead to disappointments, so it is better not to expect rather do your part and see how at least you will not be at lost. Doing or feeling good for others will never cost you rather you would be surprised how your recognition has contributed in others life.

Never underestimate the power of appreciation; perhaps your compliments may increment their self-esteem and compel them to do great, feel better or think out of the box.

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