The Coke Vs Soft Drinks Mishap!

Pick a restaurant around you, visit the place and ask them to get you a Coke. Here’s what the follow up question will be: Pepsi, or Coca Cola, Sir? While I have to pay my utmost respect to Coke for their outstanding branding, but I must also address how much of an inconvenience it has been to me, given that I am a devoted consumer of Coca Cola. Here’s where things fall apart during my meals: I ask the waiter to bring me a Coke and they get a glass of Pepsi instead because they assume that Pepsi is like another version of Coke which anyone and everyone would settle for (no offense, transcom!). Therefore, the waitperson doesn’t bother coming back to you to ask if you’d like to consider any other alternatives when they are running out of Coke. First thought on my mind “Bad job, you!”


Then there’s Thums Up. The thought of jumping over buildings and chasing after thieves on racing bikes kinds of makes me lose the stomach for a soft drink. Oh well, blame the adverts, dude! I mean who’d consider running around after a drink when all they can think about is to sit back and stuff down as much food as they can because people are hungry, you know? They had to consider it when they were designing their campaign! 😛

Finally, there are the Sprite(s) and 7up(s) and Fanta(s) and what not! Well, all I have to say about them is that, they are not Coke! 😛 Goodluck with your next meal now. And yes, do provide specific instructions to your waiter to make sure there are no soft drink mishaps during your meal!


Monoshita Ayruani

Monoshita Ayruani

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