Such a lonely day

Date of entry: 17/11/16

Well that was a great day I gotta say. I got so drunk today. I sat at the bar for the first time, usually I get more friends. But that day I was alone.

Well something happened, not just one so many bad things on that day.

Sometimes I feel like the universe is out to get me and I’m only alone. I want to understand when I need someone I am most alone. This happens to me every time. When I am breaking down into tears that doesn’t fall anymore but the pain keeps coming. When I truly need some company I am alone.

Oh I even wrote this poem after five shots of brandy and spilling one.

I wrote this in the back of a note she gave me. How ironic.


Today was the stars finally aligned.
My fantasies won’t just be in my mind.
Everything was set in perfect motion.
But I did not account for her hesitation.
This opportunity will never come again.
And, as always I am left burning alone in pain.

Waliur Rashid
Waliur Rashid

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