Souls in Bottles

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You and I .. We are like spirits in different bottles. Surviving with little to no idea about what goes around in your bottle of life except from what I can barely set my gaze upon from afar. We are poles apart; living completely different lives!

We only come on common grounds when we’re writing. Or when we are singing. Some times, when we have our thoughts running, and our ideas flowing. Lost in a rich mellifluous song, constantly building and breaking meanings.

In a way, we help each other grow. Sometimes by stealing a view at each other’s stories. “Is there are wave on your shore? There’s a slight breeze blowing across my wood.” All the lovely stories we witness and the experiences we live through.

However, eventually we come back to our own bottled lives; baffled. Sometimes, bewildered by the idea of who I am and why I am and sometimes, overwhelmed. And I don’t know about you but I start questioning a lot of things. Till I either find answers, change things around or convince myself to settle down.

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