Sometimes it’s OK being a jerk

Faria Ejaj

Undoubtedly there comes some moments when we can hardly hold on to our patience. And some of those very moments call for it to be a jerk. And without giving it a second thought, you should act jerk out and out!

When someone throws you an intense personal question

“When will you get married?” “How much money do you make?” “What special thing your partner has done for you so far?” If you are the type of person who can answer personal questions from a stranger with a sardonic smile or a droll then kudos to you! But a frigid silence may be the best thing to be done on this note. And if that person insists in those rude questions then it’s OK to be a jerk and tell them it’s simply none of their business and to back off. And for doing this you obviously don’t need to apologize. Everyone has a right to their privacy.

When you need to break the unnecessary “I’m sorry” cycle

Apologizing is good and appropriate when you’ve done something wrong! It keeps society away from nihilism. But the recent apology culture pursuits us apologizing in all kinds of other situations, as a social lube. Constantly apologizing for things which are out of your control can undermine your confidence and possession.  So, if you feel like apologizing for something, go for it sincerely and immediately. And definitely avoid doing it the rest of the time, even if people are looking forward to it.

When you want to share your incredible deeds

Tooting your own buzzer, whether it’s lauding your tremendous new achievement on LinkedIn or posting your straight-A’s on Facebook, is often seen as vaunting.  But there’s a fine line between being a tinhorn and simply sharing the good. Forget the false meekness or “humble-vaunting” and be outright about why you’re marvelous! Some may see it as a jerk move in the beginning but the more people are honest about the successes and failures, the more real we’ll be able to be.

When you’re dealing with a big time jerk

May be you’ve some friends who are always into making you the butt of joke or who thinks you’re their verbal punching bag. And the moment they go such mean, you may be become blank or you over react. Rather in these cases, getting along with their tone and personality can get things blithering faster than insisting on taking the high road.

When your personal safety is threatened

The thing is that, bystanders counter more to a threat which may impact them as well, even if it’s a lie. A true fact is, when it comes to self-defense, all dictations of modesty are off the table. Seemingly some predators bank on our ingrained politeness to hurt us. They tend to ask the victims doing things that put them in a compromising point. So if you’re in a situation when someone is making you feel uncomfortable, then feel free to yell, scream, run away, throw things, spit, or otherwise make a scene without any hesitation. Don’t even bother that you might be misreading the situation. Trust your gut!

So, in these situations, just drop the polite mask. Because this is exactly what you need to regain your confidence!

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