We Simply Cannot Get Enough of Smiles!

At Mad Koffee, we are very strong believers in capturing a moment. Not just with a photograph, though, we capture them in our memories, conversations, writings – in every way we can. These moments get us through the good times and the bad times, so how could we resist sharing some of them with you?

To be able to capture a beautiful moment, one has to be able to see beautifully. So, please know that every time someone is clicking a beautiful smiling face, they are withholding their entire perception and sharing it with the entire wide world! So this one is dedicated to all the optimists, pessimists, skeptics, everyone and anyone who smiles, loves to see others smile and selflessly makes people smile! For the mad, mad love of smiles! Here’s a small tribute to the smiles that make our day a little brighter! 🙂


aiman 2

Photo Courtesy: Umer Aiman Khan

Photo Courtesy: Sabhanaz Rashid Diya | Twitter Handle


Photo Courtesy: Mir Sadil Ahmed

winding happiness - aiman

Photo Courtesy: Umer Aiman Khan


Photo Courtesy: Aawatef Rahman Khan | Twitter Handle

Oh, and remember to SMILE! 🙂

Monoshita Ayruani

Monoshita Ayruani

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Monoshita is a skeptic, traveler, writer, bipolar! She loves to observe and note little everyday incidents, upholding the beauty of fleeting moments! She travels passionately, while tying to figure out her unique way of leaving a dot in the universe!
Monoshita Ayruani

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