Frightened to death and imprisoned in a ridiculously tiny steel room, Rahim could hear no sound. The silence was like a voracious beast, ruthlessly taking the life out of him whilst the soft sounds of his breath were somehow amplified into jagged coarse noise. Guilt and remorse covered him like a thick choking blanket as those hurtful incidents were brought back to mind. And there he was, serving his life sentence in a desolated condemn cell in Dinajpur.

In that caustic quietness, unanswered questions burned endlessly in Rahim’s brain; his inner voice was screaming in silent anguish as he lay sunk into the corner of hell. Soft thuds of his palpitating heart were starting to grow louder as he thought of that dreadful night. His nose could smell the pungent odour of blood that filled the air that night, leaving him more claustrophobic than ever. Only two minute annular holes in the cell exacerbated the suffocation, and beads of sweat trickled down the man’s chin. Rahim’s mind agonizingly raced back to the times when he was an intrepid and a powerful man, who never got his hands dirty to merely succeed in a business. But in the deadly silence, it seemed as if that time was nothing but only a figment of his imagination.

Within moments the silence gave birth to menacing hallucinations.

It seemed like suddenly, Rahim’s wrinkled hands were drenched in slippery red blood; he could hear endless torturous cries of a little girl gradually advancing towards him. His heart was in his mouth, and the dread he felt was palpable. Emotions hit him like a bullet through his chest, and soon, he burst into streaming tears.

Clenching his fist in anger, Rahim yelled out in frustration, hoping that it would alleviate the agony. Nevertheless, he was only greeted by the echoes that resonated back. Soon, the noise faded while he silently sobbed. As he scratched his head, completely enervated, the harshness of the inaudible sound magnified and filled the silence. Somehow, that soothed him. To kill the only medicine came back the sight of the ghost which sent shudders down his spine. Powerless and frantic with terror, the prisoner tried to scream; however, his throat was too raw with pain to speak.

Seethed in indignation, Rahim hurled curses at himself for being such an unfilial son to his parents. The emptiness ripped him inside out as he stood there motionless, while the silence took what was left of him.

Mehejabeen Murshed suffers from wanderlust and an endless love for fat fluffy cats. Read more from her here.

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