One Day

dreamingRemember when you were young and would dream about one day?

One day, you would build a house made of diamonds for your parents, or, one day, you would marry the girl sitting next to you in kindergarten. What happened to ‘one day’, and why did you ever give up dreaming about it?

Maybe some miserable adult came along and demanded you to keep your feet on the ground. Maybe you got so caught up with what’s expected of you – study your hours away, graduate with a ‘prestigious’ degree (that heaven forbid is something other than engineering or medicine) and get a proper job – that you forgot to let yourself fly every once in a while. You got yourself so occupied in this roller coaster of emotions and complications that you didn’t allow yourself to look around and breathe.

Forget about the harsh realities.

dreaming of one day

Forget how ‘impossible’ it is to make your dreams happen. Since when did that become an excuse to stop yourself from imagining? Don’t kill the child inside you that yearns for ‘one day’. Soon enough, you’ll turn into the 40-year-old man with a stern face and a briefcase, killing the dreams of yet another young adolescent, just like your past self.

So, set your phone or laptop aside and close your eyes for a few seconds. Don’t think about not having the right amount of money or the right looks. The right level of qualifications or the right resources. Think about ‘one day’, just like you did when you were seven. Remember that feeling? Good. Hold on to it. It probably may be the only shot you get for happiness in its purest form in this hectic routine we call a lifestyle.

Irina Rezwan

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