Morality of an Epidermis

We are all human beings, right?

Yes, we are. Morale is regarded the principles of whether being right or wrong. The epidermis is the outer layer of cells that covers an organism. The epidermis is known as the synonym of skin and the word was derived from Greek word “epiderma”. The phrase “morality of an epidermis” may need some context: how much a person can change lies beneath his body, deep down in his conscience. If someone cares about himself, he can make a change.

It happened in front of my eyes. An elderly lady, probably 45 to 50 years old, was working with her son and husband at the fair. That day, the fair ended and they were collecting broken woods from the stalls nearby. She was assigned by the authority along with many workers at the site. At one point of the managers from a renowned book publisher raged onto her for taking his water bottle without permission. She was about to drink a gulp of water by holding it over her mouth, when out of nowhere he snatched the bottle from her hands. Her son aged 15-17, stood at a distance with tears in his eyes, unable to say anything. They are taken as low class according to the standards that the society has established.

Being human is natural and our moral code depicts us.

As the man left, the boy rushed to her crying and comforting her, trying to manage a bottle of water for her. Her husband watched the incident but did not utter a word. Rather, the woman comforted her child with tears of sadness in her eyes. No mother in the world would want to be insulted in front of her child, nor would allow anyone to hurt their child.

About the time when they were done with their work an author called the kid to him and bought him a water bottle asked him to give to his mom.

We were created without individual class but with a unified class where all soul stands the same.

The woman had the right to drink water, but she was neglected with the concept of being unfairly treated and seen as a classless citizen that the society has fairly established. The woman did not steal the bottle, rather she took it as she worked under intense heat she had no choice but to take it but that does not mean that she should be treated unfairly. We live in a civilized society, yet we lack the social standard. Disgracing someone does not make one great but it makes us question our ethics, our roots.

Our ancestors may have started the business of slavery, but that does not necessarily mean we have to continue the same legacy. Conducting and converging self-aspect via education and 21st-century socialism and moral value we shall rather make our lives and others better.

However, currently amidst of such incidents the unknown author made a difference that we still have a chance to revive what better suits us, our lives and most importantly our society by contribution. We have skin also known as epiderma that covers our outer layer. We are identified by our outcomes via our skin as individuals. What would we do with such education, such mentality if we do not shed light on someone of our own?

The code of life and love is not separated rather a devoted one. It is all our duty to contain and maintain the morality of our lives in the sense that runs deep down in our skin.

“Moral value doesn’t make one who they are; rather it defines one of what they have in them.”

Shakil Mahmud

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