Love in the Time of Big Data

I was out with friends yesterday, and much of what we discussed revolved around data mining and tweaking systems for optimal results in building brand equity and generating revenue. Being the girl that I am, though, it occurred to me later that night that if analyzing data helped marketeers others to buy things, could data also be used to tweak and optimize one’s love life as well?

Turns out someone’s already done it. Enter: Amy Webb, the lady who used algorithms and systems to find the man of her dreams. (Watch her TED Talk here)

I won’t get into what I agree or disagree with her about her methods. What I DID like, however, was her love life timeline (time stamp 1:10) – and I set out to create my own:

Screenshot 2014-06-23 23.17.44

Of course, I know this isn’t exactly how it’s all going to pan out, but it felt nice to work out a plan or sorts – know what I might want to be doing next two three years down the line!

On a love related note, I firmly believe that we can learn a lot from animals. Somehow, they seem to have it all figured out, and they don’t converse or react like we do (maybe that’s the problem?) I read a very interesting study about rat behavior this morning.

Apparently, when a female rat is interested, she will run over to the male rat, bop him on the nose and run back, only to momentarily look back and check whether he followed her. If he hasn’t, she’ll go back and bop him on the nose again to get the message across.

I wonder how it’d work out if I went and bopped someone on the nose! =p


P.S. Facebook already knows when you fall/will fall in love! May be we’ll cover that #someday!

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