Love was Magic!


When love smiled, I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Love spread an air of happiness through each passage way he walked down. Love played, love joked. Love always had an absurd analogy playing inside his mind. Love couldn’t handle paragraphs and love hated writing! Love made the lamest jokes ever! And guess what? Love sang! Mostly, off rhythm, but oh well!

But looking back at love filled me with curiosity. What would he say next? Where would he go? Who would he sit next to? Would love notice that I noticed? When love smiled, love felt real. When love rushed past me, love felt alive. When love spoke, imagination set free. And when love didn’t talk all that much, I could still sit next to him in silence, all day. Everything about love was enchanting… Love looked like magic! 

Love was, magic. Because when I reflected back at love, I knew I was seeing love with shimmering eyes, gleaming with hope and curiosity. Love was in fact, magic!

Love grew, love transformed. Love looked more serious now. Love would dress up, and talk less. But his analogies didn’t get any better. Love had priorities now! Love felt like a distant figure, disappearing into thin air. Love evaporated. I couldn’t tell any more what love looked like! 

Love was there, and he wasn’t. No, love wasn’t just a person. Love was a shared bond, a feeling. Love was unspoken yet heard of .. Love was a place engrossed in a moment in time. Tweet: Love was a shared bond, a feeling; unspoken yet heard of.. Love was a place engrossed in a moment in time .@madkoffee

Inspired from Sarah Kay.

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