Juice Review: Thanda Garam Juice Gallery

We’re pretty crazy about juices here at Mad Koffee. I recently ordered five different juices from Thanda Garam Juice Gallery (Gulshan 2) to satisfy my fruit-cravings, and was pleasantly surprised with the quality. Here are my two cents on the whole experience.

The Juices

Photo source: Thanda Garam Facebook page.
Photo source: Thanda Garam Facebook page.

Thanda Garam offers a wide range of options, and it’s surprisingly accommodating to both the local and international market. Wow, I make juice sound like business. Which it is. Okay, back to juice review:


Rating: 4/5

Comment: It tasted very, very local, as if made at home. It had a hint of salt and maybe even a dash of spice, just like homemade jaam-bhorta!


Rating: 5/5

Comment: My personal favourite out of the bunch. It was the freshest, with only traces of additional seasoning.


Rating: 2/5

Comment: I was a bit thrown off by the taste at first, unable to recognize it since I haven’t had lotkon in a while. It tasted alright, but I think I would prefer the fruit itself over its juice.


Rating: 2.5/5

Comment: The taste of the olive itself was refreshing, but it was a bit too salty for my taste buds.

“Perfect for a very hot day!” – the sister (she loved it.)


Rating: 3.5/5

Comment: This was good, not too memorable, but I wouldn’t mind having it again.

The Verdict

Sampling different kinds of juices after dinner was definitely a hit!
Sampling different kinds of juices after dinner was definitely a hit!

Thanda Garam is a must-try, for both juice-lovers and non-lovers, especially on hot days. With the variety of options, it’s like an adventure!

Mad Koffee Contributor

Mad Koffee Contributor

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