Inner Kindling

Hi! My name is Bucks!

Well, that is what everyone calls me out of deep affection and love. I hail from the rich, boon soil of Brazil. The land where I am from, there is a gigantic dormant volcano, which has been inactive for a few centuries. However, now I live in a bustling, cosmopolitan city named New York City, The Big Apple. People here are always seen to be in an impatient rush, their face emanating a soporific effect, droopy eyes giving a feeling that they have been forcefully dragged out of bed.

My people are always helpful, reinvigorating the office-goers and create a warm, cozy feeling in the people’s heart. We help them to clear their minds so which is a must for accomplishing any task, small or big, simple or intricate. I feel very happy seeing their flushed countenance after receiving our help. Well, we are usually put in a paper cup, with an emblem of a crowned mermaid and letters saying, “Starbucks”, which has become the epitome of quality coffee in recent times. It felt good to be altruistic enough to give away ourselves, knowing that we are also contributing in developing this beautiful human civilization. FELT.

Not anymore.

One day, like any other day, I was looking out of the glass case in which I was kept, eager to be helpful like my friends and my predecessors, when a I happened to watch some horrific scenes on TV. Piles of cadavers, emaciated and persecuted people wailing and crying their eyes out. It was as if the whole world was coming to an end. I looked outside of the store from the case and saw people walking on the pavement in throes, texting, walking briskly, running, hugging, smiling, like nothing is happening to their brethren in another corner of the world.

I finally came to realize that they are all just a bunch of pretentious clowns wearing a mask and hiding the draconian, insipid, wanton monster writhing inside of them. I thought, what type of beings are they, who seek help from minute beings like us but are ready to kill others for themselves? Days went by when I also got to see scores of people reaching out to help, some are the ones through social media, posting how sad and disgusted the feel for these perpetual atrocities, posting something called “sad selfie” and showing off to their friends how many reactions and comments one has receives. On the contrary, I have also seen the altruists, like us coffee beans, striving for others, mollifying their pain, reinvigorating their minds and smiling seeing their grateful faces. Well, at least not all are bad I see.

It’s finally time!

I am being prepared as a mocha for someone! Finally, I get to help someone! He can now have a clear head, a kindling heart and an active body to accomplish his tedious works of the day through diligence, ingenuity, and perseverance. Actually, this is what I think of mankind as we are trivial but helping but they are the best creation, so they must be greater and can unfetter themselves from that writhing monster residing deep within them. Wow, so this is what a paper cup looks like from the inside! Everything is so shiny and white and, ethereal! Goodbye and thank you for readi…… GULP!

I was just trying to personify a coffee bean and wanted to send a missive through my amateur rhetoric about the present deleterious state of the world. What are we turning into? Are we not really giving in to that monster within us? Are we not becoming nihilists? Are we not destroying ourselves in the name of ethnic cleansing, fake jihad, counter-terrorism, and so on? It is high time we actually stand up for the right cause and for our own survival.

Mohammad Fatin Ishraq has just completed his HSC from Jhenidah Cadet College. He loves taking photos and writing essays or stories in his leisure time.

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