How University Makes or Breaks You

Karishma Binte Jahangir

Okay, so anyone who is studying in a university currently knows that all university students are a part of this test group through which the society and the government tests how much a person can cope with till he or she breaks.

Now, majority of the time, when we have uttered the word “pressure,” the younger population suggests that we are just being humble and nothing can bring us down, as if we’re all Superman. And Lord forbid we say this in front of the elders, it won’t take much before they start telling us about how they studied as if they didn’t know when the sun rose and yes, never complained like us. It is only between us can we share our miseries and the burden we bear. Now, are we really exaggerating? You can only find out that you are just a cry baby if you can’t relate to these 5 points:

1. Calculation and calculation…

That moment when advising week comes. Yes, you are fully determined to make sure that this semester, your adviser will not succeed in giving you more than 3 courses because come on, how are you going to get time to walk your dog or check out the new place in time? So, you go to the adviser having practiced your final word, and voila! The adviser shows you that you have only done 3 courses from your major subject in a year, so if you are all, “No more than 3 courses, please!”, it will be followed by “Mr./Ms. Graduating in 2034”.

2. *Katching* *Katching*

When you realize instead of humming tunes of your favorite song, you find yourself repeating this sound because, well, this sound is something you are accustomed to as your father draws out thousands and thousands of his hard-earned money from the ATM booth in order to pay for your ONE semester. Among all the things you have to do which involves finding courses, getting seats, attending quizzes the moment you walk in the door, you also have to worry about how you are going to tell your father ONE semester costs the amount that can buy you a small-sized elephant that you never got to buy in your childhood, every month.

3. One notebook for homework.

Yes, as you go further down the line in your university life, you will realize that it’s not university that you attend in your life; it is life that you attend to from university. The amount of presentations that Day 1 of Week 2 has and the number of quizzes and assignment submissions that Day 2 of Week 2 has, it will make you want to reread whether I wrote Week 2 for both of them because yes, I did. It’s all in the same week, brothers and sisters.

4. Happy… MIDTERM!

It’s Bengali New Year. Your beloved uncle from next door calls you at 6 a.m. “Yes yes, midterm at 8 a.m. yeah sure!” you scream at the top of your lungs. A long silence is followed by your uncle saying that he wants to take you out to breakfast in the morning but now that you have mentioned you have an exam soon, he sounded rather reluctant to take this plan forward. “No, please… I was just having a bad dream,” you try to convince him. Nope, the opportunity is lost and now, you are actually living the bad dream which is the reality.

5. Sun rising is the best!

Many might take this phrase as a gesture to show how poetic you have become and how loving you are of your life. But no, it is basically you telling people that you have seen the sun rising. Today. Yesterday. The day before that. And the day before that. And now, you have a desk full of homework and laptop full of slides, it is for granted that only the sun will be there to greet you with open arms when your eyes are all droopy from lack of sleep and another night has passed. And before you know it, the semester has ended, you have barely two weeks of vacation and you are forced to watch the sun rising as you have officially become an insomniac.

Altogether, being a university student has its perks such as it making us feel like Greek gods such as Atlas; the one who had to bear the Earth on his shoulder. At the end of the day, no matter how much we complain, no words can really describe the shackles we feel bind to due to the amount of pressure that all of these puts on us.

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