How to be an Instagram celebrity – The Millennial Hack.

Instagram is the new Facebook, with 800,000 users that fall in the 18-24 or ‘millennial’ age category in Bangladesh. What excites me more than the number is the user behaviour in this platform. The tendency of having an “image” to maintain or a clean aesthetic feed that they fail to keep up after a month. Surprisingly, these accounts have a huge following and I did some research and found out how they did it. It’s hilarious!

Here are 5 hacks to be an Instagram celebrity:

1. You follow, they follow, you unfollow.

The first thing you check when you see an Instagram profile is the number of followers and following. According to the millennials. it’s very uncool to have more followings than followers. These people follow you and once you follow back, they unfollow and BOOM! They have a following.

2. Be shameless, together. #TeamWork #FollowForFollow

These are the type of people who knock you and say “If you follow me, I’ll follow you”. Basically, one wannabe knock another to be wannabes together. Interestingly, if one of them unfollows the other, the other unfollows too because following should always be less then followers.

3. The Unfollowers app! One stop solution for wannabes.

The app lets you keep track of who follows, unfollows and views your profile. If someone unfollows you, they notify you. Yup, it’s real. You can also check who secretly viewed your profile if you buy the premium version.

4. Makeup, Fashion or Food bloggers – Follow or Don’t follow your passion.

Choose a field of your interest or just choose any if you’re good at Google-ing because that’s the only skill you’ll need. Just Google some random makeup tips and say it. Wear clothes and if you look horrible just say fashion is subjective. You own a smartphone, take pictures and post it. If you’re broke, order fruits and say you’re eating healthy.

How to detect :

A good profile with authentic followers will always have conversations to some extent. Followers will comment, ask questions and will try to engage with the profile. The number of likes to comment ratio won’t have a huge difference. Although now the #CommentForComment is used to get comments. So, I wouldn’t say it’s a best way to detect.

5. You can now buy “Real” followers.

You can buy followers and show them what you have. It’s basically telling stories to people who have zero interest to you so they just nod and act like they are listening. Here, they press like to act like they are interested.

The other side.

While Instagram is full of celebrities with no proper knowledge of what they are doing, there are profiles that are really good and authentic. I have seen profiles that break down each idea and talk about it with proper explanations. They know what they’re saying and whatever they do, they do it right. Also, they don’t do any of the stuff mentioned above. They work really hard and perseverance has been the key for all of them. SLOW, STEADY & AUTHENTIC!

What it means for brands?

Influencer marketing has been there for a long time. Having a strong following attracts brands and most brands are dumb. They get excited with big numbers and when they see these profiles with huge following, they invest. What they don’t understand is these followers are not authentic resulting zero conversion.

Waiting for hate comments.

The mind