10 Facebook Hacks on Stalking

All stalkers, at one point or the other, have had to go through the painstaking process of explaining others that they are NOT stalking. They would say that it’s like conducting a thorough research on a person which may or may not involve creeping them out and violating their personal space. But who are we kidding? We all stalk! Here’s the best explanation I’ve come across till date:

“So I’ve always defended myself saying I am not hacking into anyone’s account and what I’m doing is basically patiently scrolling through info they have allowed me to see.”

– Sincerely,

A badass stalker.

Here are some tips and tricks you might find handy for stalking the your person of interest on Facebook:

1. Get Notifications – Start with basic updates. Be informed every time they post an update. Hello, love! 😀 Facebook-logo-thumbs-up

2. Find Tags – You know those friends who always tag the person you are stalking? Visit their profiles. Conveniently find all the posts/photos your person of interest is tagged in over the years.

3. Tickr Indications – Keep an eye out for their activities. When they “like” that certain post, you’ll know they are online no matter what the chat bar suggests!

4. Add their best friends.

5. Stalk Friend of a Friend – You know what I mean! Stalk their girlfriend/boyfriend/best friend. One person or the other, always posts “extra details”!

6. Timeline – Okay, Facebook’s search facility is awful, we understand. But if you’re okay to be patient, use the timeline and go through their posts year-by-year. Remember, thorough research is the key to success!

7. See Friendship – Again, basics. Go through their friendship with you and/or other friends on your list. Find out how relatively active they are with you.

8. Synced Apps – Apps like SoundCloud, synced with Facebook will give away what they are up to. Music they are listening to is a key to knowing what mood they are in!

9. Group Stalk Trick – You can go through the pages/groups the person you are stalking is affiliated with. You may find old photos and posts there too. You might even consider joining the events they are planning to visit. Just bump into them, may be?

10. ‘Close Friends’ Group – Add them to your personalized group list and get dedicated updates from them on a customized newsfeed. Why? Apart from the usual updates, you also get to see what photos/posts they are liking. Yes, don’t even miss out on the smallest of things!

Expert advice: While you’re at it, do NOT like those age-old photos! If it gives away that you’re stalking them, what’s the fun in it?

Use graph search to pinpoint photos, friends and posts. Facebook’s graph search, my friend, was built to stalk! Happy stalking!

Monoshita Ayruani

Monoshita Ayruani

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