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Everyone loves to draw and sketch. Most of us still think that drawing can only lead to just being an artist, graphic designer, etc. Well, that is not it!

Programmers over the years have developed tonnes of programs/libraries/tools that help people like us to create not just Art but also have Human-Code interactivity, that is both functional and easy to understand. This allows us to concentrate more on the creativity than on how to code! Most developers, artists, designers are implementing these onto their websites, web/mobile/desktop apps as well as 3-D printed objects, games and much more.

Learn the secrets behind their fancy work and learn how to make your own cool interactive art!

  • – Using the sketches/drawings done on Photoshop and converting it to html for making our own landing pages.

Books recommended for all beginners who want to code the easy way: Getting Started with Processing by Casey Reas and Ben Fry. Free ebook link:

Mohammad Faisal – a programming nerd who deals with both hardware and software projects, currently studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He is also the Web Developer of this awesome website, so bow down to this creative genius! Apart from his profession, he is a hardcore gamer, automobile geek, and loves to mess around with broken PC’s and mobiles. We hope to get his ‘How I Work‘ someday.

The featured photo is the work of Marissa Anderson.

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