Cheers to Coca Cola!

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We all have a friend [or two, or fifteen!] who are addicted to Coke and sodas in general. This small piece is dedicated to them. No, don’t judge them already! Compulsive coke consumers are really torn between whether they should quit right away and deal with the withdrawal period like badasses or, whether they should accept the true, crazy side of them which loves Coke.

We hate to break it to you; with drinks, there’s no swinging between the extremes. You somehow always end up somewhere halfway, having your regular dose of energy anyway while you keep thinking, ‘Tomorrow, tomorrow is the day I start a disciplined less retarded of a life with no drinking problem.’ But before you know it, you realize, yesterday, you said tomorrow….Oh well!

Here’s what some of us feel about Coca Cola:

“Happiness looks like Coke”
Friend: “I think you have a drinking problem”
Another friend: “If I don’t drink, how else will I get the juice in me?”
“Till I don’t find real happiness I have to drink this chemical happiness.”
“I kill you”

Well, that’s how most Coke-driven conversations end.

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