Android vs Windows Phone

I switched from Android to Windows Phone late 2013, and have been ploughing through despite the major setbacks. To help myself and others be a little more confident of such a switch, here are the pros and cons of the Windows Phone.



1. Built-in MS Office

Lets you make and edit Word and Excel files – even includes templates for agenda, outline, report, budget, event schedule and mileage tracker. That alone is a deal-breaker for me, since I had a very tough time editing documents on the go. Also┬álets you view PowerPoint files!

2. Ability to change location.

This lets you visit country-specific stores rather than being stuck with the one for your region, as Android has done. Bangladeshi top choices aren’t the greatest if you’re looking to explore, since most will be sex-related and the rest is divided between dictionaries, religious apps and news outlets.

3. Live Tiles.

The apps are neatly organized; no matter how many you may have, it’s easy to navigate, especially with the Live Tiles. The ability to pin almost anything and everything is also a plus point.

4. Exploring new apps.

Okay, so this one might just be me, but having a limited no. of the most popular apps made me explore my options. I hate third party apps, and waited until the official Facebook, Instagram, Vine and similar apps came about (except for Trello – I HAD to download a third party app, and can’t wait for the official one!) instead of getting a replacement app. So while I waited, I experimented with different kinds of apps – Camera360, Oggl, OneNote, etc. – which I wouldn’t have cared about otherwise.


1. Lack of apps.

This one’s a given. I’m desperately waiting for an and Trello app, not to mention the Google ones! Especially Drive and Hangouts.

2. Inability to change the wallpaper.

There IS no wallpaper, and the Live Tiles colours are limited. It’s pretty, but not as pretty as I could make it with more options.

UPDATE: This has changed with the Windows Phone 8.1 update! And it is FREAKING AWESOME!

3. Unavailability of a lot of options in certain countries.

Xbox Music and other similar apps are country-specific, and limit the options in Bangladesh. It’s quite frustrating.

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