7 Things I Realised on the Last Day of School

Shaira Zahin Rahman

In the year of 2003, when I came back from Singapore, my parents decided to enrol me at school in Chittagong. Even back then Chittagong Grammar School had been a very popular and prestigious school and being born in a Bengali family with an engineer as a father it was only right that I’d be enrolled at a good school that provided the finest education available.

So one fine early autumn morning, I was dressed and spruced up to have an interview with the class teacher which would hopefully secure a place for me in CGS. Little did I know that, when my teacher held out her hand to show me my new class room, she had given me my home. Fifteen years, one forty two teachers and three campuses later, I sat at a desk on the last day of school and realised 7 important things:

I would never enter this school as a student again.

I remember when the seniors who graduated would come to visit the school, they’d always give us the “these are the best days of your life” speech and they’d all look every where with that feeling of nostalgia and get emotional. In a few days I’d be done with school and have no reason to come to this place.

The next time we are together, will probably be at someone’s wedding.

I don’t know if any of you out there ever though of this but we always had this friend in the group who we thought would definitely be the first one to get married. There were also those who had their whole dream wedding planned. Wanted a tall, handsome rich guy and a Yash Chopra style wedding.

We’d see these seniors get settled in life and all the friends would show up from different countries and be there for their friend who was entering their new life. I personally couldn’t help but think…

I am glad I won’t have to see that face again.

Brutal truth? There was always this one kid that nobody liked. We all had problems and my batch was one of the most stranded and disunited batches ever. By the end of the year we all came through together and became closer than we ever were. So if you are a part of a disunited batch, don’t worry it’ll all work out. It all starts with an innocent, “Hey wanna come over, we are having a party!”

How much I loved this dreadful uniform!

From little skirts and shirts to kameez and shoes. I will never forget the blue kameez that to my mothers dismay alway became faded white by the end of the year. In class we’d often talk about if we could wear casual clothes like students abroad did but deep inside we were all glad we had the uniform. We represented our prestigious school wearing that uniform and I couldn’t have been more proud to be a part of my school and wear the uniform.

No more drama, no more bullshit.

High school isn’t easy, its a jungle and we were all animals. Fighting and struggling to fit in. Over the years we’ve all probably heard various rumours about ourselves and laughed it out. Every time someone broke up with their boyfriends there was this period of crying, cursing and then finally moving on. There were snitches and sometimes we’d chose sides and sometimes we’d be a little petty and put up very ‘vague’ statuses on social media. I was glad the drama would go away.

What am I going to do with my life not at school?

Reality hit me hard. I was loved here by all the people and this was my home for more than fourteen years. How could I go to some place new and live among strangers. Yeah, maybe a few of us were going to same universities, but that wouldn’t be the same. What if the people did not like me? Some of us were taking a gap and finding ourselves or doing things we always wanted to do but never had the time. This would be a good idea but I would dearly miss coming to school despite the daily morning rants.

This is my family.

We’d all go away soon to different places make new friends but we’d always be there for one another. No matter where we go. So if you are scared of losing your high school friends, don’t be. You were their childhood and they were yours. They taught you and showed you your way and that somehow made you the person you are today. As cliched as it sounds but high school is over your life with them isn’t. You just graduated from school, you will make more friend but you know you’ll never forget these guys. This is my family.

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