6 Ways To Better Utilize Your Smart Device In Traffic

There are tonnes of things we can complain about city life and one complain that forms a part of our everyday musings is traffic jam. Its inevitability has brought us to accept traffic jam as part of our life; so we try to schedule our routine around it. Anyway, so how do we make a better use of the significant portion of our days lost on the road? Here are a few ways to make smarter use of your time, and that smart device you carry around all day. Now is a good time to get efficient!

1. Audiobooks

Yes, we all have crazy busy schedules to catch up on and are left with very little time to spend relishing on those books we’ve been meaning to sweep through forever! So, here’s a convenient way to get through the books: just download an audiobook application on your smartphone, surf through the list, make your pick and put on those earphones! What better way of gathering knowledge than having a book read to you, at times of such procrastination?

2. Note Your Finances

Use Toshl, Expensify or one of those finance tool applications to manage and update your daily or weekly expenditures. It helps you manage your finance better as well as keeps you occupied for a while. Let’s face it, traffic jam is one of the best opportunities to take care of small (and boring) updates like these!

3. Phone Calls (or Messages)

Get done with most of your urgent, but not necessarily important phone calls on the go. Saves you from a lot of anxiety and rush. If nothing else, perhaps you could call up that distant aunt who keeps complaining about you not being in touch, or may be you could check up on your younger sibling or a friend! Now that’s a good use of time!

Similarly, you could definitely send a hundred messages in your cousins’/friends’/family’s group chat out of sheer boredom. Someone will be online, if the group’s big enough!

4. Take Photos

No, not selfies, please! Take photos of others, for a change. Even if you don’t have your camera along, perhaps you could use your camera phone to master and enhance your photography skills. A neat black and white street shot could be powerful! Or, capture a bright smiling face, may be?

If you’re more into moving pictures, you could try a time-lapse of your time

5. Beat a Best Score!

Given that we belong to a “smartphone generation”, who doesn’t play on their phone? However, if you do play, play it well! Beat a best score, be it yours or someone else’s. Play to win, or don’t play at all! This however, has nothing to do with getting smarter. Just to stay busy and feel like a winner 😛

6. Write

Finally, if you don’t have anything better to do, take notes of whatever’s going on in your mind; just like I am writing about how to make better utilization of the HUGE amount of time that we spend, stuck in traffic!

Monoshita Ayruani

Monoshita Ayruani

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