5 Ways You Spend Your Time NOT Studying

You know this is being written instead of much-needed cramming. Other than writing an article, here are a few things you’ll find yourself doing when you should be studying.

Take an unexpected long nap

When you have a bunch of stuff due in the next week, you seem to be more tired than usual. You plan to take a 30-minute power nap and wake up 3 hours later with no clue if it’s the same day or the next.


Check your phone

Every two minutes you have the urge to check Facebook, Instagram, or just the time! If things are slow on these sites, you get a little desperate and move onto less-visited places like gossip and/or comedy sites. When it becomes very late, you decide to switch your phone off and really focus. Two minutes of studying later, you turn it back on to check Snapchat.

Go down the YouTube-hole

After ten whole minutes of studying, you decide to take a break. You wonder what Casey Neistat or IISuperwomanII has posted. You start watching one video and the next thing you know, you’re looking at a video of a chiropractor cracking backs of patients, or worse…

Find random distractions

Finally you’re back to studying and you now having a good flow going on. Just suddenly, there’s a bug on the wall. Right now, it seems to be the most interesting thing in the world. You leave studying briefly to just investigate or follow the line of ants passing by.

Dwell on some unsuccessful planning

At last, it has become so late and you must get your head in the game! You plan and organize what you will study when and what book to skim when. Doing this, you waste so much time that you don’t end up getting no progress whatsoever. When you do get around to studying, the vicious cycle begins once again.

Hey, don’t roll your eyes at me, neither of us would be here if we weren’t procrastinating.

Sreya Quazi

Sreya Quazi

Sreya Quazi is a professional overthinker.
Sreya Quazi
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