5 Things That Make You HAPPY


It’s a pretty subjective thing, this happiness business. Happiness can come in different ways, different forms for different people. Let’s go through some little things that make people almost instantaneously happy… 

1. Chocolates? Chocolates!

That always tops the list! They are the ultimate key to cheering one up. Imagine if you just found a box of chocolates under your pillow? Yes, that’s the smile we’re talking about!

2. Babies.

Time spent playing with babies is always time well spent. These very little things embody the essence of innocence and uncomplicated joy. A baby’s smile can melt anyone’s heart. How ever, with cranky babies though .. That’s a whole different story. Good luck dealing with them.  :/

3. Archives.

Going through old photographs, flipping through last pages of old text books can bring back soothing memories.

happy things

4. Optimism.

People become jaded over time and coupled with age excitement is more and more difficult to come by. But there are some smiling faces we come across amidst the crowd; happy and shining with positivism on face of all complications of life! Those are the faces that make us happy.

5. Food!

Who doesn’t get happy when they find food? Pizza, burgers, kachhi… From Chinese, Italian, Indian to Bengali; food is all we need to cheer us up after a long tiresome day. [And if you’re breaking up, ice-ream might just be your food!] Food is the ultimate happiness, isn’t?

This post was written by Mehreen Khair, a satirical, witty lady who threatens to call hartals every time things go against her will! Hence, she landed here at Mad Koffee.

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