5 Stages You Go through When Your Sister Finally Moves Out

Sreya Quazi

So, your sister’s moved out. Be it college, marriage, or simply adulthood that separates you two, here are the stages you’ll find yourself going through when your sister finally moves out of home.

1. King of your own throne!

When she first leaves, you are overjoyed. The house is yours, your parents are yours. You get the empty drawers, so more room for your space. If you two shared rooms, now the whole room is yours. This is the best thing that ever happened.

2. What is this feeling?

Now you realize that you are spending numerous hours alone. If your parents work during the day, you’re eating lunch alone. You don’t have a person to tell the joke you just came up with. There’s nobody to go shopping with, approve your outfit, or talk to when you can’t fall asleep at night. You realize that your sister took half the wardrobe with her, now you ACTUALLY have nothing to wear (because she took your clothes as well!) And all this attention from your parents is getting a bit suffocating. This kind of sucks.

3. You miss her.

Now that everything I mentioned before happens, it hits you that you miss her. Yuck! But you don’t even like her! Things you do alone now you remind you of your sister all the time. You go to school alone now. You binge-watch TV shows alone now. You have to deal with uncles and aunties at parties alone now. It hits you that it wasn’t the worst thing having a sister around.

4. Deal with it!

Time goes by and you come to make peace with it. You are now accustomed to eat alone. You like the time alone at night to reflect on your day. You find more time to do your hobbies rather than watch a movie with your sister. This isn’t so bad, now that you think about it.

5. When she comes to visit…

It time for your sister to come back. She’s back for Eid! She’s stealing all the attention and love from your parents. weird thing is, you’re kind of excited. However something inside you is making you uncomfortable. There’s someone sleeping in your room again. She has the light on when you’re trying to sleep. This is getting so annoying! You guys are right back to where you started. You’re fighting about the mirror, complaining to your parents about each other. now, you wish she would just go back. The vicious cycle begins again…

Sreya Quazi describes herself as a professional overthinker. We think she’s on the right track!

Sreya Quazi

Sreya Quazi

Sreya Quazi is a professional overthinker.
Sreya Quazi
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